2.1 11152020 Updates to Guidelines and Policy Wordings
2.1 11152020 Updates to Guidelines and Policy Wordings

To our Valued Broker Partners:

For policies in force from November 15, 2020, we have made some changes to both the Policy Wording and our Underwriting Guidelines. As well as a fresh new look to each document, the highlights and housekeeping are as follows.

Coverage Changes

  • Increased the Emergency Roadside Protection from $60 limit 2 times per policy term to $120 limit per policy term, and
  • In Extending Your Excess Liability to Other Vehicles (Section 2.2.3 and 2.2.4), increased the Gross Vehicle Weight limit from 4500kg to 5000kg.

Guideline Changes

  • Eligibility Schedule now states that right hand drive vehicles are ineligible;
  • Eligibility Schedule provides a more precise definition of “North America” and “Europe” for driving experience and, in addition, clarified to include New Zealand;
  • Changed duty to refer any vehicle over 20 years of age to any vehicle over 25 years of age
  • Changed Not At Fault (NAF) for all household members to NAF for Principle Operator only;
  • Windshield Chips/Repairs no longer considered chargeable towards Windshield Glass Exclusion and Claims Free Years

Housekeeping – Policy Wording:

  • Restructured Section 6 Endorsements into two sections, Section 6 Endorsements and Section 7 Packages, for improved readability,
  • Under the Mortgage or Lien Endorsement, removed the insurer’s lienholder notification obligation,
  • Under Storage Endorsement, Removed the clause where we don’t pay a refund if you suspend your coverage for less than 45 consecutive days. This is practically unenforceable, and
  • Under Usage-based insurance (yet to be launched), removed program specifics.

Housekeeping – UW Guidelines:

  • Removed all sections and references to UBI & Distracted Driving programs (yet to be launched),
  • Restructured the underwriting eligibility tables into a single table for easy reference,
  • Reordered the document sections with the Eligibility Schedule placed upfront for quick reference, and
  • Separated the endorsements section into two sections; endorsements and packages, for improved readability.

We encourage you to visit our website to review the new policy wording and the Sales Portal for the refreshed Underwriting Guidelines.

Rhonda Zimmermann
Business Development Manager

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