2020.4: No Need to Request Approval for Accident History During the COVID-19 Pandemic
2020.4: No Need to Request Approval for Accident History During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Hi, this is Colin Brown, President and CEO of Stratford Underwriting Agency.

I am contacting you because you are an owner or manager of one of our broker partners that sell our BC Auto product.

I hope that you and your families are all safe and well during this Covid-19 crisis.

I know that as brokers, the current shut down and rearrangement of working procedures is very difficult.

Stratford would like to do our very best to make it as easy as possible to issue our policies at a time when things seem to be getting more difficult.

To that end, Stratford would like for the duration of this crisis, to take away the need for checking the accident history of a large group of potential insureds.

Effective March 31st, our brokers will not need to request approval for accident histories for any principal operator with 10 years (or more) driving experience and 10 years accident free.

In our system, you can simply use the “later” button and move on. This can save potentially 10-15 minutes of activity. To save yourself time you could have your agents target that group of people, based on their driving history.

Why would you even bother to quote Stratford at this time? Well, now is probably more important than any other time.

Today, I got a call from an individual that had just saved $300.00 on a single Stratford policy. He was ecstatic. He wanted me to know how much it meant to him, with the current difficulties. Now is when people need an extra

$100, $200 or $300 in their jeans.

If you and Stratford together can save some folks some money, the next period in time may be the best time to do it. If you have any questions you can contact our Broker Support team at 604.282.0672

NOTE – our Business Development Manager – Rhonda Zimmermann will contact you shortly with some new incentives to encourage the sale of Stratford policies during this time when people need savings even more than ever.

Take care and stay healthy. Sincerely,

Colin Brown President and CEO

209-949 3rd Street West North Vancouver, BC V7P 3P7

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