2020.6: COVID-19 Update
2020.6: COVID-19 Update

To our Valued Broker Partners:

With COVID-19 somewhat in our rear-view mirror and we slowly start to get back to some form of normalcy we want to remind you of a couple of things:

  • The Free look period is for the first 10 days of the policy and if cancellation occurs within those 10 days (with no claims), premium will be refunded, and policy cancelled back to the effective date.
  • Premium must be paid and collected by the broker at time of issuance of a new policy. Cheque payments must be made payable to Stratford Underwriting Agency and received by Stratford within 15 days of the effective   Monthly Premium Plan will be offered through First Insurance Funding of Canada; all banking information must be submitted and the finance application e-signed through the online Broker Portal at time of issuance of the policy (Binding Authority Page 18 Policy Issuance and Renewal)
  • Stratford recommends the collection and use of email for policy delivery as this ensures your client is in receipt of all documents in a timely manner. This includes any documentation sent from Stratford or First Insurance for the policies on Monthly Payment Plan.
  • Brokers are encouraged to leave comments when processing a cancellation or endorsement to the policy in the Service Centre of the Sales Portal.

See instructions below:

Colin Brown
President and CEO

Rhonda Zimmermann
Business Development Manager

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