3.3 10262021 Variable Installment Date
3.3 10262021 Variable Installment Date

To our Valued Broker Partners:

From today, installment date is no longer given as same day of the month as policy effective date. Your client can now elect the installment date they wish.

Here is the Payment details screen that shows the new function; when querying different installment date options, use the “Refresh Details” button to recalculate the amounts.

In addition and unrelated, we have made the following UW Guideline changes:

Partial Coverage

Binding authority in disaster zones

Changed stance on partial coverage; Stratford no longer accepts applications that decline Collision or Comprehensive Insurance. Stratford DOES accept applications that decline Excess Liability Insurance.

Clarified that new or additional coverage located within an area under an Evacuation Alert or Evacuation Order is prohibited. Stratford typically sends a bulletin at the start of the BC wildfire season or at the outset of some disaster and will continue to send such timely bulletins as appropriate.

You can find the latest UW Guidelines on the Landing Page in the Sales Portal when you log in.

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